How to maximize the impact of your company’s brand strategy

After knowing what the branding of a company is and how you can do it, we mention a list of strategies that you can apply so that it has a greater impact on the community and you can obtain more clients:

  • Referral program , which consists of giving back to those customers who recommend your products to other people and lead them to your page.
  • Guest Content , which will guide you to create high-quality content and publish it on different blogs in the same market or sector for other people to visit your website.
  • You can use statistical images to show data about your products and attract the attention of new customers.
  • Freemium model. Post a free version that includes a watermark of your company logo and a paid version that does not include the logo. Thus, those who choose the free version will reinforce the branding of your brand by reaching more people.
  • Alliances with other businesses. It consists of negotiating with the businesses around you discount fees and other benefits for people who make purchases in both stores. For example: if you train in this gym I give you 10% discount.
  • Give gifts to your potential customers and current ones that are related to what you offer.
  • Contests on social networks. A good branding strategy will include contests on social networks that are interactive with users , so that they share your information with their friends and family.
  • Publications on Linkedin. Advertise in this medium; they are effective.
  • Create stories that connect your users with your brand strategy.
  • PPC ads. Use pay-per-click ads to rank in search engines.
  • Remarketing campaigns. Bombard the web with your brand and increase the conversion rate of your website.
  • Make alliances with influential people in the sector to advertise your brand.
  • Local events. Participate in local events that support positive values ​​and principles. Take advantage of those occasions to publicize your brand.
  • Participate in conferences to help everyone get to know your products and meet new contacts who will be opportunities in the future.