7 keys to a successful brand strategy

To define a sustainable and effective brand strategy, it is necessary that you apply the 7 keys to branding success:

Key 1: Objective

Define why you get up every day. How? Following the suggestion of professionals, who indicate two perspectives to consider your goal:

  • Intentional: Define the success you are looking for, associated with the amount of money and what you will contribute to the community.
  • Functional: Define a short-term mission, such as a specific objective: multiply sales by 2.

Key 2: Consistency

Make sure the information you post is consistent with your brand. If you add a new photo on Facebook, ask yourself what can it reflect on your brand? Is it a funny message or a feature of your products? Don’t confuse your customers. Be consistent and build loyalty in yourself.

Key 3: Emotion

The human being needs to be connected with other people. Make sure your brand strategy conveys love, happiness, affection and other emotions. That way, you will attract more loyal customers.

Key 4: Loyalty

Do you have a loyal audience? Reward them! They are ambassadors of your brand, they choose you and help you make it known to more people. Giving back that loyalty can grow your customer base, as well as your income.

Key 5: Flexibility

You must be creative so that your company or SME keeps the brand strategy constantly fresh.

That does not mean that you lose your identity, but that you make small adjustments to continue to capture interest, taking an innovative approach at all times.

Key 6: Recognition of your competition

Your brand strategy will be stronger if you look at the competition, which is benchmarking . Apply a SWOT study to know the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of you and the competition. In this way, you will boost your SME or company and your branding will triumph.

Key 7: Employee participation

Your branding will be complete if you involve your employees in the project. You do this by providing instruction so that you unify the treatment of your employees to customers. Make them represent your brand, reflecting the emotions that you convey in your messages.

How to maximize the impact of your company’s brand strategy

After knowing what the branding of a company is and how you can do it, we mention a list of strategies that you can apply so that it has a greater impact on the community and you can obtain more clients:

  • Referral program , which consists of giving back to those customers who recommend your products to other people and lead them to your page.
  • Guest Content , which will guide you to create high-quality content and publish it on different blogs in the same market or sector for other people to visit your website.
  • You can use statistical images to show data about your products and attract the attention of new customers.
  • Freemium model. Post a free version that includes a watermark of your company logo and a paid version that does not include the logo. Thus, those who choose the free version will reinforce the branding of your brand by reaching more people.
  • Alliances with other businesses. It consists of negotiating with the businesses around you discount fees and other benefits for people who make purchases in both stores. For example: if you train in this gym I give you 10% discount.
  • Give gifts to your potential customers and current ones that are related to what you offer.
  • Contests on social networks. A good branding strategy will include contests on social networks that are interactive with users , so that they share your information with their friends and family.
  • Publications on Linkedin. Advertise in this medium; they are effective.
  • Create stories that connect your users with your brand strategy.
  • PPC ads. Use pay-per-click ads to rank in search engines.
  • Remarketing campaigns. Bombard the web with your brand and increase the conversion rate of your website.
  • Make alliances with influential people in the sector to advertise your brand.
  • Local events. Participate in local events that support positive values ​​and principles. Take advantage of those occasions to publicize your brand.
  • Participate in conferences to help everyone get to know your products and meet new contacts who will be opportunities in the future.